First people approach AI strategy and the best AI sales tools

When designing an AI strategy, it's crucial not only to prioritize people impacted by AI onboarding, as advocated in the people-first approach. Instead, our focus should be on the human-like qualities shared by both AI and humans. This connection is what binds us together! To simplify this concept, I've chosen to illustrate it using popular AI sales tools.

Introducing Gong, HubSpot, and Friends: Your New Workmates in Simple Terms!

The “People First” approach emerged in the early 2000s as a business philosophy emphasizing the importance of prioritizing employees’ needs and fostering a positive work environment, although its exact origin remains unclear. This philosophy highlights the value of placing people at the center of organizational strategies.

In the era of AI, the people-first approach has become a common recommendation for shaping AI strategies. Its purpose is to ensure that while designing technology-focused strategies, we will stay focused on the people impacted by this technology.

AI represents a new kind of technology, and therefore, we should assign a fresh meaning to the “People First” approach within the context of an AI strategy

AI is a technology that mimics human cognitive abilities, what this statement simply means is that AI has a human-like aspect. that it is in many ways like people.

In the age of AI, the people’s first approach should focus on the people aspect for both people and people like technology, what we call AI  in order to achieve our Ai strategy.

In the context of AI, the people-first approach should emphasize supporting both human employees and AI technologies that produce thoughts (or recommendations). Both require nurturing creative thinking to achieve business objectives collaboratively.

When we design our AI strategy using the new meaning of the first people approach we find out that both human and technology need the same assistance and support in order to succeed  and keep thriving using their people’s aspects.

If we will focus only on people when we design our AI strategy we will create an unbalance work environment that will tip the scale.

Thoughts are how we create in the modern work environment. Thoughts are untangle things. In our new working environment, we start to give thoughts validation under what we call data-driven decisions, meaning drawing credibility for those decisions by looking at the data supporting those decisions/thoughts. And if the data is there, we are given that thoughts power by acting upon it.

What we fail to see is that when we create an AI strategy, we are creating the data to base a relationship between people and technology. And when we create it, it’s the data that sets the tone for how our environment will see this technology and adopt to it.

When using the people-first approach in the old meaning, we are creating the data that people should be protected from this technology.

We create fear and uncertainty as people need to be defended in this partnership from a “replacing technology” that is coming to take their job.

That is a thought we are creating and provided data for, as anybody can open our AI strategy plan and see it, and the organization will act upon this plan so we are given it credibility by acting upon it.

I know it’s hard to see the people aspect in this technology; as it’s not tangible. If it were a robot, what in the future we will call AGI, it would be easier, but that is yet to exist.

To see the people side requires a mental exercise for seeing through the technology and looking at it as if it were a human person doing the job, and then we are writing our AI strategy for one source: people 🙂

To illustrate the human aspect of AI, I have undertaken the task of viewing popular tools like Gong, HubSpot, and others from a human-like perspective.

By giving them human names and letting them introduce themselves as new team members, we can better understand their roles and contributions. Viewing these tools with human-like aspects aids in designing an AI strategy that considers their human aspects during the onboarding of AI technology and understands why it’s needed.

Meet Jon – the AI employee by

Hello there! I’m Jon, your Customer Interaction Analyst, proudly powered by

In a nutshell, my job is to capture, store, and analyze the rich tapestry of our business interactions. I record valuable data and conversations, unlocking insights that help our stellar sales reps learn, adapt, and make informed decisions. Essentially, I form opinions and thoughts by transcribing organizational data, paying attention to the patterns and nuances that emerge from what I hear repeatedly.

Why do I do this?

Well, that valuable information can be put to good use for training, pipeline management, and forecasting. I’m here to be the storyteller of our past data, communicating it back to the benefit of everyone on the team. Think of me as your data-driven narrator, weaving tales from our interactions to help us continuously improve and succeed.

Let’s make every interaction count.

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Meet Cooper – the AI employee by Copy.Ai

Hey there! I’m Copper, the multi-functional copywriter, proudly powered by Copy.Ai.

My job?

It’s all about words – every single one that builds our brand. I’m here to support everything connected to words, from sales engagement to marketing content creation, ad campaigns, meeting scripts, blogs, posts—you name it.

Wherever there are words involved, count on me to be there.

What’s my mission?

To go over all the words being said and identify what works and what doesn’t. Need the right words for the job? You talk to me. I’m here to make sure our message is on point and resonates with everyone we connect with. Let’s make our words work wonders!

Meet Spoty – the AI employee by Hubspot

Name: spoty 

Greetings! I’m Spoty, your Customer Record Keeper, and I’m proudly powered by HubSpot.

What’s my gig, you ask?

Well, I’m here to keep track of all the nitty-gritty details about our customers—from contact information and addresses to phone numbers, purchases, prices, and more. You name it, and I probably know the answer.

I’m a bit of an enthusiast when it comes to records. I love diving into all aspects of our customers, from their website activities to the emails they open. If you ever need to know anything about one of our customers, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ve got the info you’re looking for. Let’s keep our customer records in top-notch shape!

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Meet Dave – the AI employee by Drift

Name: Dave

Hey there! I’m Dave, your Spokesman, proudly powered by Driffy.

Wondering what I do?

Well, my gig is pretty cool—I sit in virtual stores and chat with all the awesome people coming into our shop, a.k.a. our website.

I absolutely love talking to people and helping them out by providing information, and answers, and navigating them on their way. Think of me like any other salesperson engaging with a customer, only I’m an AI salesperson 🙂

My goal?

To provide value, address needs, and share all the cool stuff I’ve learned with my colleagues. Let’s make every virtual visit a great experience!

Meet Paula – the AI employee-powered Optimizely

Hello, I’m Paula, your Marketing Operations Manager, and I’m at the helm of the operations powerhouse.

Here’s the lowdown on what I do: I keep a close eye on everything happening behind the scenes of a customer’s marketing digital footprint.

My focus?

Two key aspects—marketing campaigns and content.

I’m the one making sure everything runs like clockwork, sticking to schedules, and managing tests as and when needed.

But that’s not all—I’m also your go-to person for communication across all teams about content management. If there’s an opportunity for collaboration and another team can provide content to enhance our strategies, count on me to engage with them and provide insights from the wealth of knowledge I’ve gathered. Let’s keep the marketing engine running smoothly!

Meet Danny – the AI employee – Powered by Dynamic Yield

Greetings! I’m Danny, your Dynamic Online Personalization Shop Manager, fueled by the power of Dynamic Yield.

What’s my role, you wonder?

Well, I’m here to craft a personalized and dynamic online experience for our customers on any digital platform. 

I specialize in suggestions based on both past interactions and current requests.

I absolutely love assisting people in finding what they need, even if they’re not quite sure what to ask for. 

Count on me to be there, suggesting just the right thing if we have what the customer wants, I will help them find it.

Let’s make their shopping experience as enjoyable and personalized as possible. 

I’m here to elevate the digital journey!

Meet Cony – the AI employee powered by Conversica

Hello, I’m Cony, your Active Intelligence Officer, proudly powered by Conversica.

Wondering what I do on the daily?

Well, my gig is pretty hands-on. I’m here to interact with customers, verifying information gathered in the CRM to ensure I provide the most insightful details.

My role involves a systematic task of engaging with customers, collecting data, and facilitating information exchange. I’m all about streamlining processes, automating routine tasks, and offering valuable insights based on the data I gather. Information is power, and I’m on it. I align tasks with information behind the scenes to ensure I come up with the best insights possible. Consider me your go-to for staying updated and well-informed. Let’s navigate the data world together!
My role involves a systematic task of engaging with customers, collecting data, and facilitating information exchange. I’m all about streamlining processes, automating routine tasks, and offering valuable insights based on the data I gather. Information is power, and I’m on it. I align tasks with information behind the scenes to ensure I come up with the best insights possible. Consider me your go-to for staying updated and well-informed. Let’s navigate the data world together!

Meet Einstein- the AI employee by SalesForce

Hello, I’m Einstein, your Sales Data Scientist, powered by Salesforce.

So, what’s my deal? Well, my job is all about gathering information and diving deep into scientific analysis. 

I’m here to make informed suggestions for automation, personalized approaches, and next steps, all aimed at creating the absolute best experience for our customers.

Consider me your information scientist extraordinaire—I thrive on data and am dedicated to crafting the finest human experience, forming the ultimate foundation for human engagement. Let’s dive into the data-driven world and create stellar customer experiences together!

My Thoughts :

Thinking of AI as a human employee is more than an exercise; it prompts us to consider what we’d do if it were a human doing that job.

Holding this narrative helps us break down the transformative power AI holds.

It’s crucial to think about ongoing training, costs, communication changes, process amendments for AI, and the humans around it – things we often overlook today.

Without seeing it this way, we can’t tap into AI’s true potential as we do for any other human resource. The crucial point with AI is that neglecting its full potential means losing the promises we held when integrating it into the team – promises of revenue growth and a new, productive way of doing business.

I am here to serve as a guide on this transformative journey to a new work environment where humans and non-humans collaborate.

Written by

Sarit Lahav

I’m Sarit Lahav, a Strategy and Transformation consultant with a focus on developing impactful AI strategies that merge business insight and technological expertise. Leveraging my extensive experience as a co-founder and former CEO of a global high-tech firm, where I served over 5000 clients and spearheaded innovative technology solutions, I advocate for treating AI as a true team member. My goal is to harness AI to deliver tangible business results, emphasizing its role in augmenting rather than substituting the human touch. Let’s connect to redefine the synergy between AI and human collaboration for your business.

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